Rubber and Plastics


Light active magnesium oxide with 90-99% basic substance content is used as vulcanization activator for rubber, filler and reinforcing material in rubber compounds.

In industrial rubber goods production magnesium oxide is added to crude rubber compound when vulcanized together with metal parts during vulcanization of chloroprene rubbers.

The main function of adding magnesium oxide in rubber and other polymers is neutralization of trace levels of hydrogen chloride, which can be released during processing, vulcanization and thermal aging or maintenance. HCI removal prevents autocatalytic polymer degradation and therefore maintains better stability.

Produced according to the required figures in regard to particle size, surface area, porosity and dispersion characteristics magnesium oxide reduces main raw stock losses and increases homogeneity of rubber and polymer blends.

Magnesium hydroxide is used practically for all types of plastics and filled copolymer compositions based on PVC, PA PS, PP, PE, PET, EVA IPM etc. as a highly non-toxic, inorganic flame retardant, filler and smoke suppressive additive.

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